Senior PHP Symfony + JS Developer

29 января 2020    42

We’re looking for a strong Fullstack Developer to join the existing software team from the USA on a fulltime base. Please consider that business hours gonna be roughly 9 am — 5 pm Colorado time (some schedule shifts can be discussed).

Efficiency and attention to detail are a must for this position and we want someone with proven experience and expertise within the SaaS space. You must be fluent in English, and able to communicate clearly and effectively with the team members using email, Slack, Trello, video-conferencing and other methods of communication, as needed.

Here are the main requirements:
— JavaScript/JQuery
— Bootstrap
— PHP, Symfony
— API Development
— API Integration — Ideally you have worked with Google Analytics & Google Search Console APIs before.
— Knowledge of cron jobs
— Bitbucket
— Responsive Design
— Fluency in English

— Experience with Amazon AWS
— Knowledge of SEO in some capacity
— Knowledge of Native App development in some capacity
— Knowledge of PWA(Progressive Web Apps)
— Knowledge of TWA(Trusted Web Activities)
— Other Frontend Frameworks

— Work in a cool multinational team
— Сomfortable office conditions including all modern conveniences (Kyiv or Dnipro)
— Remote option (fully or partially)
— Good management
— A decent salary level with regular review
— Paid vacation and sick leave

— Implementation of new features
— Improving old features
— Fixing bugs
— Other tasks deemed appropriate by the management team

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