Senior PHP developer (remote)

11 января 2020    44

— Advanced level PHP, SQL (5+ years)
— Stable Product Experience ( you like to work for a long period at one product to become a real ‘Go To Person’)
— Tech leading and architecture experience
— Experience in high workload projects
— Experience in dividing monolith in microservices
— Ability to work with complex code ( for you cracking problems goes first, technology after)
— Ability to approach the specific tasks in the large flow of the workload
— Technical English (main IT team is Russian speaking).
— Technical Education
— Experience in OTA (online travel agency) is a huge plus

-Experience in OTA (online travel agency).
-Experience in high workload projects, ability to work under pressure.
-Motivation to work in the travel domain, interest in the travel domain and willingness to
improve the product.

-Interesting work with the product that allows millions of travelers book their trips daily.
-Remote work/work from your own location.
-Paid vacation days.
-Paid training and various educational programs.
-Enthusiastic friendly team and ability to work in the international environment

-Interesting challenging technical tasks that allow to polish the technical skills, find new
solutions and advance the product.
-Core system — high complexity combination of cache, database clusters, and numerous
plug-ins under Symfony and Smarty and last generation code.
-The front which is planned to move onto VueJS, currently Front is also using Symphony
-We have high complexity code that was developed by various development teams, not
fully covered by the tests, we are not using OOP and frameworks.

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