Senior PHP Developer

8 февраля 2021    34

Welcome to VITALS - a passionate team on a mission to transform the way merchants sell online. Our software suite already empowers tens of thousands of online stores from 180+ countries and influences the shopping experience for over 100 million customers every month!!

We are looking for a driven, smart and ambitious Senior PHP Developer to join our remote team of jedis! You’ll immediately begin working with a high-growth startup in the global eCommerce space.

We believe that our codebase is the best in town:

  • latest version of Symfony in production (5.2)
  • microservices architecture
  • ApiPlatform
  • PHPStan level 8(max) valid
  • all properties have types and all methods have argument and return types
  • refactoring is always a top priority
  • SonarSource on CI/CD

Join us and let's take it even further!

Relevant areas of expertise:

  • excellent PHP skills (4+ years experience)
  • highly proficient in Symfony
  • very good knowledge of MySQL
  • familiarity with AWS is a plus

We also want to find in you a person who:

  • loves to experiment and use data to drive decision-making
  • writes clean, uncluttered code
  • has high attention to detail and accuracy
  • is a team player who can motivate and lead
  • is creative, tenacious and thorough
  • has ability to work in a dynamic team environment 

Even more: 

  • The founders have a successful track record and you will be working directly with them, so you'll witness first hand how a startup is built
  • We're open to any cutting edge technology that will significantly improve the product
  • You have the opportunity to operate in a fast-paced work environment developing a product with excellent worldwide visibility

Why us?

- We're on a global expansion plan, there are a lot of exciting opportunities to work at our growing company and make a difference

- We are non-hierarchical, and every single person has the ability to make a real difference.

- We have an awesome culture and a vibrant atmosphere

- Our teams have great working relationships and we genuinely like working together

Thank you for applying!

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