Senior .NET Developer (product, REST, serverless)

16 ноября 2020    62

— At least 5 years of developing in C# and ASP.NET
— Strong expertise in HTTP, REST, OAuth2, WebSockets
— Profound understanding of authentication techniques, asynchronous patterns, and network communications
— Experience of extensive use of automated testing
— Basic DevOps skills

— Practical knowledge of F#
— Working experience with AWS Lambda or similar service
— Good English speaking/writing skills

— Develop a top-notch, successful product used by hundreds of organizations and thousands of users around the world
— 100% remote full time work (we’re a 100% remote company)
— Flexible work hours (assuming 8hr work day)
— Two-week paid vacation
— Annual bonuses
— Highly competent team (all team members are Senior Devs)
— Low supervision / high autonomy

As a Senior Developer, your primary task will be to create a framework of classes, methods, and interfaces for data integration between our flagship product and web APIs of cloud applications, and then use the framework to create data integrations with popular cloud applications such as Salesforce, Shopify, Dynamics365, Google Analytics/Adwords, PayPal, Stripe and many more.

Besides that, your secondary task will be to continue developing our serverless cloud service for data exchange via webhooks.

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