Senior .Net developer

14 февраля 2019    20

— More than 6 years of experience in commercial development with C#. Our development stack has minimal usage of external frameworks or libraries. Core C# and .Net knowledge are more valuable for this position.
— Experience in architecture system design
— Experience in creating, deploying, and iterating high performance software
— Must have professional English written and reading skills
— Ability to work well independently and productively with minimal supervision
— Ability to work well in a remote team environment

— More than 2 years of experience in commercial development with C++
— Experience in being tech lead or having ambitions to become one. Being able to assign and track tasks for other team members.

— Very interesting and challenging tasks. We are not an outsource company and we do not have any customer or external investor. Everyday tasks require maximum technical challenges and minimum bureaucracy.
— Indexation of wages in dollars
— Remote work
— Excellent opportunity for career and skills growth
— 24 days a year of paid leave
— Our company has been operating for more than 4 years without any lay-offs or project cancellations.

— Development of complex high performance systems.
— Time management and precise projects estimation.
— Statements of work and proposals formulation.
— Code reviews of our junior and middle developers. Helping more junior developers to learn and grow.
— Active participation in potential architecture developments and upgrades.

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