Senior Mobile Engineer

8 сентября 2020    32

Do you want to join a fast-growing company that’s redefining the way employees communicate in the workplace? Heads-up, we’re looking for talented, senior-level Mobile Engineers to our brand new remote tech team. You will closely work with our talented Mobile Team based in Helsinki but we don’t mind your location as long as it’s roughly in the same time zone. We’re looking for specialists experienced working with iOS, Android or both iOS and Android platforms. If you think you’re the one which we are looking for, don’t wait anymore!

We’re looking for you if you have:

— Our ideal candidate has a strong mobile development background: iOS by using Swift and Android by using Java. If you lack currently a bit in Android or iOS development, you should still have a strong interest in working with both.
— You have 10+ years of experience and you have been exposed to different projects including products built from scratch. Ideal candidate has also been building enterprise applications in his past.
— We pay a lot of attention to software quality so we expect you to have clean coding habits and experience with mobile testing frameworks and high unit test coverage environments
— Clean Architectural understanding is also highly appreciated
— Experience working in a Scrum environment is preferred
— Excellent communication skills in English and experience of working in a remote multinational team setting is considered as a benefit for this role.
— UI designing experience and UX knowledge are things which will help you to stand-out from other candidates
— Ambition to make Smarp the one of the greatest global success story ever

As our Mobile Engineer, besides enjoying being a Smarper, you will:

— Develop our iOS and Android apps with mind-blowing user experience. We use Swift for building Smarp iOS and Java for Android
— Build UI according to guidelines and UX designs
— Continuously optimize the app performance e.g. by minimizing app to backend roundtrips
— Perform debugging, profiling, benchmarking
— Stay up-to-date on new technology, development tools and emerging standards
— Keep track of changes in App Stores

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