Senior Machine Learning / Data Science Engineer (remote)

26 июня 2020    46

— 3+ years of professional experience in a Data Science role
— 2+ years of experience working with, and deploying to, a fully-managed machine learning service (e.g., AWS Sagemaker or GCP CloudML)
— M.S. or Ph.D. in machine learning, statistics, applied math, engineering, physics, or a similar field
— Experience with distributed processing frameworks (e.g., Hadoop, Spark, HBase, Hive, Mahout)
— Ability to write code in at least one of the following languages: Scala, R, Python, or Java
— Passion for working with large datasets and mining data to come up with insights that can power future product growth
— Strong opinions about writing beautiful, maintainable, and understandable code
— Proficiency in writing reproducible and fault-tolerant models and creating ML pipelines (Sampling, Feature Engineering, Training, Evaluation, and Scoring)
— Expertise in statistical methods and experimental design and analysis
— Experience building models to predict the growth trajectory of different customer segments
— Deep understanding of Natural Language Processing frameworks and techniques to deal with highly unstructured data
— Designing and analyzing experiments to measure the impact of new product features
— Familiarity with querying TinkerPop-enabled databases using Gremlin
— Experience building recommendation models based on graph relationships
— Strong verbal and written communication skills

Our team is built on excellent working experience, open-mindedness, and togetherness. We are open to discussion, helpful and ready to share our expertise with the newcomers.

Education and Development
We encourage our employees to participate in workshops, conferences, and meetups. We organize our own, and we partly compensate the cost of external events and English courses for our employees.

Social Package
We offer fully-paid sick leaves, medical insurance, gym compensation, and a weekly catch up with a therapist in our office.

We have a modern and cozy office near the city center with a free bus from Palats Ukraine metro station.

Technical Events
We are organizing ZoolaTalks and Developers’ Days, where are meetups for employees, where experienced engineers share their cases, solutions, and ideas. We go deeper into knowledge-sharing as it helps to build strong teams with deep expertise.

Career opportunities
Zoolatech has grown twice in the last year, and there are a lot of opportunities for the employees’ career development. We encourage our colleagues to evolve and to grow along in line with the company.

Revinate is seeking an enthusiastic data scientist to join our fast-growing company. You will be a team of one, to start, and will help build and enhance machine learning models and data pipelines that power Revinate’s Guest Data Platform. In this role, you will possess significant autonomy to develop our entire Machine Learning pipeline & models. A passion for building greenfield software is a must. Additionally, the ability to collaborate with others, regardless of title, to tackle complex hospitality data problems is a requirement. If you enjoy coming up with thoughtful solutions to challenging problems then we may be a match.

Design and develop models and algorithms to power our next-generation platform
Add new metrics and aggregations to our existing machine learning pipeline
Drive hospitality insights and use data science to help hoteliers make smarter decisions

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