Senior Linux System Administrator / DevOps

12 апреля 2019    16

At least 5 years of experience in IT Operations, Systems Engineering or SRE;
Outstanding knowledge of *nix systems;
Deep understanding of virtualization concepts (at least 2 of these: KVM, Xen, OpenVZ, ESXi,);
Solid LAMP-stack experience with HA and HighLoad systems implementation;
Database administration skills (at least 1 of these: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB);
Strong scripting skills (at least 2 of the following: Python, Bash, Ruby);
Experience working with common systems management tools (at least 1 of these: Ansible, Puppet, SaltStack, Chef);
Intermediate English level is a must, Ukrainian or Russian native;
Strong time management skills;
Deep interest in DevOps streaming.

Containerization and orchestration experience (Docker/Rkt and ECS, K8s or similar)
Experience working with Cloud Platforms (at least 1 of the following: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud);
Understanding of microservices architecture concept;
Understanding of Infrastructure as a code paradigm.

Challenging tasks;
Opportunity to learn new technologies in an innovative industry;
Possibility to do new things, not just maintain old;
Plenty of responsibility and freedom in choosing technological solutions;
Possibility to grow your career to Senior DevOps Engineer position;
Appreciation and honest/open leadership style;
A friendly team of experts who inspire and support you;
Self-education support (access to premium subscription to Safari Books Online, Grammarly, etc; paid attending professional conferences and meetups);
Work from home office, no need to waste your time getting to office and back;
An unlimited contract;
The salary is paid in USD currency;
Paid vacation (18 working days per year);
Paid sick leaves;
Compensation negotiable, based upon experience.

System administration and DevOps support of worldwide development teams;
Cloud architecture design and implementation;
Continuous integration and continuous delivery implementation;
Microservices application architecture refactoring;
APM and application ecosystem lifecycle monitoring.

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