Senior JS Engineer (Remote)

25 июля 2019    32

Currently we’re looking for Senior JS Engineer to join our team Confiant
Confiant was built for the programmatic era, so it takes a new approach to eliminate bad ads. The result is more control for you and significantly broader threat detection.

● You’ve worked for 5+ years with JS
● Experience in developing low latency pure Javascript frameworks/SDKs
● Experience in debugging production level bugs
● Keen understanding of BDD/TDD (behavior/test) driven development
● Some experience in Devops position (AWS, Edge Servers, CDN, Caching controls)
● Ability to work collaboratively in teams and develop meaningful relationships to achieve common goals
● Experience with various JavaScript frameworks and build tools: Express, Webpack, Node.js, Grunt etc.
● Experience with Git version control system,
● Understanding of web standards and specifications, such as HTML5, ECMAScript, TypeScript, CSS, etc.
● Understanding of core JavaScript paradigms, such as prototypal inheritance, functional mixins, etc.
● Familiarity with various programming paradigms, such as event-driven, reactive-functional, etc.

Big plus: experience in Adtech frameworks GPT, Prebid, AST

● Weekly training sessions where one of the team presents a new technology or we watch and discuss a talk from experts.
● Micro-rewards bonus system.
● We’ve got the great infrastructure for working from home (easy to drop-in hangouts, a lot of communication over chat).
● Great collaborative environment. Everyone wants to improve and get better at coding.
● Modern and comfortable office very close to the subway with perks such as free snacks and drinks.
● Weekly English classes.

Top outcomes that you will be responsible for:
● Designing, developing and maintaining integrations with other AdTech platforms
● Designing and developing our real-time blocking security JS integration
● Refactoring and re-testing an existing legacy Javascript framework

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