Senior JavaScript Developer (Remote Work, Vinnytsia)

4 июля 2019    36

3+ years of experience working with web technologies
Knowledge of JavaScript (ES6 +), TypeScript
Basic understanding of U /UX design
Basic understanding of single-page applications development
Experience working with AngularJS, Angular, or React.js
Experience working with Webpack and NPM
Knowledge of related technologies: HTML5, CSS
Knowledge of code testing techniques (including BDD, TDD)
The ability to work with version control systems
The ability to work with CI systems
The ability to work with JIRA, Confluence or similar systems
Team working skills
Good spoken English

Experience working with Docker/K8S
Experience working with WebSockets
Experience working with Sencha Touch/ExtJS, jQueryMobile, etc.
Experience working with Vue.js
Experience working with MobX
Experience working with Stylus/SASS/LESS, PhoneGap, and touch devices
Experience working with CoffeeScript, HAML, Jade
Experience working with CSS frameworks: Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation, others

Professional Development:
— Experienced colleagues who are ready to share knowledge;
— The ability to switch projects, try yourself in different roles;
— More than 150 workplaces for advanced training;
— Study and practice of English: courses and communication with colleagues and clients from different countries;
— Support of speakers who make presentations at conferences and meetings of technology communities.
The ability to focus on your work: a lack of bureaucracy and micromanagement, and convenient corporate services;
Lack of dress code, friendly atmosphere, concern for the comfort of specialists;
Flexible schedule and the ability to work remotely;
The ability to work in any of our development centers.

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