Senior Java Engineer

29 июня 2020    24

We are looking for a Senior Java Engineer with hands on experience, who wants the opportunity to polish old and develop new skills. Ideal match would be someone who can quickly adapt to new team/process and take an active part in development, who is eager to make a contribution and ready to share responsibility.

A good match will be a candidate with:
— at least 4 years of commercial experience with any JVM-based language;
— pro-active attitude, someone who is eager to take ownership and responsibility, to understand what is the problem and solve it effectively;
— senior level expertise in OOP, algorithms and data structures, design patterns;
— experience with concurrency, multithreading, distributed systems;
— experience with OLAP Databases (hands-on with Vertica or Clickhouse) is a big plus;
— upper intermediate English.

Technology stack contains but not limited to:
— Java 8 (Scala, Kotlin), SQL;
— MySql, Postgres, Vertica, Clickhouse;
— Cassandra, Redis;
— Kafka, RabbitMQ;
— Docker, Kubernetes.

— Working with High Load distributed systems with strict RPC/Latency requirements;
— Big Data, Stream + Batch data processing;
— Data analysis by business use cases;

We offer:
— remote / in office work, high level of trust
— low bureaucracy, team makes decisions, estimates tasks and delivers. kanban
— flexible schedule with virtually no overtimes
— solid compensation and medical insurance and all the usual stuff

Working remotely or from one of our offices: Kiev or Odessa (Ukraine)
The opportunity of relocation to Canada after at least a year of work for Company

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