Senior Java Engineer

1 октября 2018    32

We are looking for a Senior Java Engineer with hands on experience, who wants the opportunity to polish old and develop new skills. Ideal match would be someone who can quickly adapt to new team/process and take an active part in development, who is eager to make a contribution and ready to share responsibility.

A good match will be a candidate with:
— 5+ years of commercial experience;
— strong knowledge of Java (knowledge of the similar language would be a plus);
— good understanding of concurrency and multithreaded systems;
— strong expertise in OOP, algorithms and data structures, design patterns;
— problem solver attitude, familiar with agile culture and teamwork;
— experience in application profiling;
— good understanding of Spring;
— experience with both SQL/noSQL paradigms and their pros/cons;
— working knowledge of stuff like Maven, Git/Hg, HTTP/REST protocol is nice to have too;
— intermediate English;
— Cassandra/Redis experience is a plus;

Technology stack contains but not limited to:
— Java 8
— Spring 4
— Tomcat 8
— Netty
— Redis
— Cassandra
— Nginx

Working remotely from Russia or from our office in Zhukovskiy (Russia)

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