Senior Java Developer with spoken English

18 декабря 2020    50

Volia-Software Inc, International Software Development Company based in the U.S., is actively looking for a Snr Java full-stack dev. Developing new functionality for existing enterprise system. Full-time, remotely, long-term (2-3 years) with a chance of prolongation.

Our offer is remote employment, competitive salary, interesting project and professional development. USA business hours adopted work schedule.

* Java 8 and above
* Java EE 7, Microprofile (Spring Boot experience is ok too)
* REST Web APIs (JAXRS) and Data API (OData)
* Messaging systems and AMPQ (eg. Azure Service Bus, Rabbit MQ or Redis)
* Distributed systems,
* Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift and similar.
* Caching, familiar with Cache-Aside pattern and Redis clients like Redisson, Jedis or Lettuce.
* Security and Secure Coding, OWASP top 10, OpenID Connect and/or OAuth2
* Good spoken English (upper intermediate and higher)
* Experience working in a continuous integration and deployment environment.
* Experience practicing Scrum/Kanban and ability to adapt to Scrum values.
* Good analytical and problem-solving skills.
* Works effectively & independently in a dynamic team environment.
* Proven time management, organizational and follow-up skills to meet deadlines.
* Quality-orientation with passion for customer satisfaction.
* Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
* Demonstrated initiative to learn & experiment with new technologies and processes.
* Strong work ethic and professionalism

* FrontEnd skills (javascript, React.js) WOULD BE A STRONG PLUS

* Participate in the Agile software development (Scrum/Kanban) from concept design, to full-stack code and testing.
* Write concise code, clear, well-tested, well-documented and with quality that adheres to industry best practices.
* Code for quality, performance, scalability, efficiencies and security; through testing, code scanning, refactoring and monitoring.
* Collaborate with the team to define/refine requirements, break down into development tasks, estimate effort, and plan milestones & deliverables.
* Develop and maintain UI applications (web, mobile, etc.) and/or web APIs (RESTful & messaging-based).
* Proactively get your code reviewed with a view to learning and adapting any suggestions.
* Advocate for simplicity, reliability, manageability, scalability, extensibility, reusability and performance.
* Be a proactive team member who contributes, collaborates and demonstrates positive behaviour.
* Always strive to learn new ideas and innovative practices from within your team and external sources.
* Ability to identify and address technical debt – communicate your findings, especially when it becomes a risk to the quality or timely delivery of our software.
* Carry out root cause analysis on defects to ensure fixes are happening in the right way.
* USA business hours adopted work schedule

One introduction call with our PM (up to 20 minutes), one technical interview with our Snr. Java Developer (app. 1 hr), one call with USA product owners (up to 1 hr).


90% of work is backend

Java 8 (11 in future)
Java EE
Domain layer (DDD)
Hibernate / Entity Framework
DBs: MS SQL, Oracle
Solr search engine
moving to clouds (Azure App Service)
Redis (for caching)
Jasper service & reporting server

JIRA, Git, local development on Windows

3 layers testing:

  • Rest assured
  • Unit tests
  • Manual tests

Scrum-adopted approach, 2-weeks sprints. Team size is 4-5 developers + 1 qa

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