Senior Java Developer (remote)

29 января 2020    54

Apply if you:

✓ are an expert in Java and worked in this environment for at least 3 years;
✓ have good overall knowledge about Java and its frameworks;
✓ have worked closely with clients and maintained positive relationships with them,
✓ can communicate freely in spoken and written English (CEFR B2+);

✓ have a proven track record in developing and maintaining existing projects;

✓ 100% remote work
✓ flexible hours
✓ no tracking software to monitor what you do on your computer
✓ work with a team of experienced and ambitious developers
✓ long-term collaboration on challenging products (FinTech, B2B software, E-commerce and more)
✓ dev-friendly processes such as Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Code Review and bug bashes
✓ constant development of your hard and soft skills
✓ fast-paced growth path

Take a look at this blog post to get to know why it is worth to join us :)

✓ Advising clients in the decision-making process,
✓ Mentoring and helping other developers deal with different situation in their projects and technology stack,
✓ Taking the lead in projects and helping Project Managers (with technical issues),
✓ Improving internal development processes,

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