Senior Java developer for a remote position

28 марта 2019    44

Very good spoken and written technical English.
Great communication.
Ownership mentality.
Ability to deliver without constant supervision.
Proactive approach to solving problems.

We use:
Java 8 — mostly SE, some EE, parts of the system use Spring.
PostgreSQL with pgpool.
Tomcat, Debian Linux.
Jira, Bitbucket (+ Pipelines), Slack, Google Apps, Runscope, Sentry, New Relic, Weblate.

Fulltime remote position with extreme flexibility. This is in our DNA.
Creative freedom, participation in decision making.
Small and friendly team of three developers, one of whom is our CTO = original author of the CRM.
Plenty of opportunities to learn and grow.
Hardware / software budget.
Assistance with relocation to Prague, should you choose so in the future.
Our assignments describe the changes required in high-level allowing for freedom in the implementation. No step-by-step specifications without a space to breathe.
We have a sysadmin but at the same time understand the whole technology stack and prefer to do a lot of devops ourselves.
We tend to be a bit conservative with adopting flashy new technologies — it’s been working fine for us so far.
Our work is organized in an agile way without overly adhering to some methodology.

65% extend our core product — REALPAD CRM.
... cloud application written in Java.
25% merge a separate product into the core
... a CRM that is currently standalone but makes more sense as a module in the core.
10% identify and introduce new & noteworthy technologies.
...and teach us the cool things you already know.
Frontend, backend and APIs. may also take on as much devops and analytical work as you feel like.

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