Senior iOS Engineeer

27 декабря 2018    44

Proficiency in Swift and Objective C
Having a deep understanding of API design for efficiency, readability.
Experience with offline storage, threading, and performance tuning
Understanding of MVC, MVVP, VIPER and Design Patterns
Experience in networking, including standard security practices
Experience in working with iOS frameworks such as Core Location, CallKit, UIKit, Core Animation, Core Graphics, AVFoundation.
Advanced or Upper-intermediate English level.
Developed apps that are currently in the App Store or Google Play.
Reactive Frameworks: RXPromise, RXSwift, ReactiveCocoa

Experience with CallKit+
Experienced with high load and large scales environment
Experienced with Fabric / CI
Experienced with Unit Tests and Automated UI Testing
JavaScript frameworks, JavaScript Promises, JavaScript Event Loop and other ES6 features.
Android development.
Open Source projects

Working in a SCRUM team
Competitive salary
Work on cutting-edge mobile technologies.
Learn from a top veteran coder.
Possible stock offer after one year.
English ony work environment.

We are always open to discussion on new technologies. Our culture is very friendly, open, and helpful. We encourage spooning as much as possible.

You’d have daily stand-ups as well as regular chat. You can set your own schedule, but because of the time difference availabiliity in the evening for chatting would be required.

We require 168 hours per month, have tech teaching Tuesdays, and offer performance bonuses.

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