Senior Golang engineer

25 марта 2021    34

Greetings. Softwarium invites developer Golang to join the project and help improve the existing corporate security service.
Technology stack: Gо, Angular 11.

The technical requirements are as follows:
— 3+ years of work with Go, confident skills in developing server applications in Go;
— understanding of the network, TCP / IP, HTTP;
— desire to write a HARD code and test coverage;
— confident knowledge in modern relational and non-relational databases and data storage models;
— strong writing and speaking skills of communication in English.

Team Lead experience

The Softwarium company creates software for American, Canadian, and Norwegian customers in the social sphere, medicine, energy, and security.
We take care of our employees — we create comfortable working conditions: a spacious open space, an office with a magnificent view of Mikhailovskaya Square and Landscape Alley; teambuilding and participation in conferences, no overtime. You can always count on paying for a vacation, sick leave, and holidays.
We immediately feel the contact with our person, so we have only 2 stages of the interview.
It is possible to work both in the office and remotely.

— product development from scratch on Go;
— write clean code, cover it with tests;
— to closely communicate with the team and the customer, participate in team meetings.

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