Senior Golang Developer for Imunify Security (Remote)

27 августа 2019    48

2+ years experience with Go
Experience in developing high-loaded services and web-applications with Go
Knowledge, understanding and ability to select and analyze the performance of classical algorithms and data structures
Ability to write and maintain code in accordance with the Go style guide
Experience in multithreaded programming and development of asynchronous applications
Experience with Postgres, MongoDB, Clickhouse, Redis, Aerospike, Tarantool and / or other databases
Familiarity with embedded databases (storage engines) BoltDB, LevelDB and / or others
Good understanding of the network stack and TCP / IP, HTTP in particular
Knowledge of Go-testing and debugging tools
Performance analysis and optimization
Knowledge of the application of reflection and Unsafe
Integration with C code and libraries
Knowledge of Git, good Linux / Unix proficiency
Teamwork skills
Ability to read and understand someone else’s code
Good English level, ability to read technical documentation

Knowledge of the programming languages C / C ++ and Python
Experience in open source projects
Knowledge of Internet security basics
Knowledge of hashing and encryption algorithms
Knowledge and ability to select suitable data serialization algorithms

A great opportunity for professional development within a young and fast-growing company
Interesting and challenging projects
Remote work on a full-time basis under a long-term contract
Compensation in US dollars
Flexible working hours
Paid one month vacation per year and sick leaves
Days off on national holidays
Medical insurance (Russia & Ukraine)
Co-working compensation
English Language training
Challenging tasks

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