Senior Full-Stack Web Developer

6 декабря 2018    10

● Experience with Shopify OR comparable shop systems
● You have gained experience in the backend as well as in the front end
● You know how an ERP system works and what to consider for process modelling
● Solid knowledge with Java and both relational and non-relational databases
● Responsive design and optimisation for multiple devices is known
● Somebody who understands the advantages of automated testing and proper CI / CD workflows
● Experience implementing data creation and consumption principles (e.g. REST)
● Good communication abilities, especially when working with graphic designers and converting
designs to visual elements
● Experience with vector formats is a big plus

● Fair compensation, professional project management and good communication
● International, entrepreneurial, and mission-driven team
● Trust, sense of ownership and growth opportunities embedded in culture
● Opportunity to understand and improve entire value chain of physical industry
● Welcoming atmosphere in and out of office

● Continuous implementation of extensions & improvements for the SYGNS platform
● Planning & integration of complex business processes together with different departments with the
purpose to constantly improve security & performance
● Independent workflows from planning over development to release with automated testing and
operation of all services
● Teamwork with the focus on support & knowledge exchange for continuous improvement
● Create a smooth and pleasant end user experience, for both our customers and our internal users
● Entrepreneurial spirit and thinking to help take the business to the next level

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