Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer

27 февраля 2019    46
Who We Are

Backpack Health is an early stage startup, building a system that empowers people to manage, share and collaborate information that’s important to them, starting with their health and wellbeing.

We’re a young company — you get to join us near the beginning of this journey. We’ve been together for almost three years and are currently around 22 passionate people, from diverse personal and professional backgrounds, working fully virtually (that’s right, no office, and we love that — work where it makes you happy).

Our service is fully cross-platform, available on iOS, Android, and the web in 6 languages, and yet there’s still plenty of engineering territory to discover.

Who We’re Looking For

We’re looking for a ​smart, enthusiastic, and collaborative software engineer​ to help us design our system’s functionality and data structures, and bring it to life.

Our system is centered around ​health data​. We’ve built a service that houses millions of health terms in multiple languages from multiple sources that our users can search across. We store all our user data in a structured way to make it usable in aggregate, especially for research. And we are working to allow ​interoperability​ of that data with third party systems, such as wearables, apps, and hospital systems.

It’s an exciting time to join our team. Our development team is led by a senior engineer who focuses on server development. Our US-based team also includes a senior front-end developer, and is supplemented by a team of offshore developers (currently 4) with a mix of iOS, web, and server development expertise).

We need a ​Full-Stack Software Engineer​ ​with focus on back-end and system integration​ to complement our current skill set.

Specifically, you’ll need to be good at:

  • Working ​collaboratively​ but also ​independently​ to build ​great solutions​; we are looking for a ​team player​ who ​gets things done
  • Developing and integrating server applications​ using technologies such as REST, SOAP, JSON, XML
  • Data processing​ in a SQL environment (we use MySQL), using tools such as Node.JS, Javascript, Golang, Ruby on Rails; experience with Elasticsearch would be ideal
  • DevOps​ experience – knowing how to stand up applications in a cloud-based environment (we use AWS)
  • Working in an ​agile development environment​, comfortable with producing estimates and managing your work using our team-oriented productivity tools
  • Travelling alongside our user journey, product/design, and QA teams to ensure that our solution meets expectations and is of high quality

This will work like a charm if you are:
  • Good at problem solving​ — we haven’t worked everything out yet and your creativity will help us think of novel ways to find our path — you find both uncertainty and constraints engaging elements of a problem to attack with your grit and smarts, not something demoralizing
  • Highly organized​ – this is a detail-oriented role – things are changing all the time and need to be precise and coordinated – you thrive in this sort of environment and the joy is when it’s all humming along smoothly – it’s a lot of work, but you make it look easy
  • Warmly collaborative​ — nothing goes exactly as planned, and we’re always looking for way to improve our processes — you help to hold all the details in place and your grace and kindness helps us work smoothly together

Finally, experience with ​health data​, in particular with emerging standards such as ​FHIR​, would be a bonus; any knowledge or interest in ​performance engineering​ and/or ​security​ would also be welcomed.

We're actively seeking qualified people for this role who are from a variety of backgrounds and identifications, as we believe being diverse will help us create and work better.

And some fine print:
  • We're currently only considering US-based candidates authorized to work in the US – for ease of timezones and employment contracts
  • We conduct background checks in the final stages of the interview process with all candidates, prior to making an offer

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