Senior Full Stack Rails Engineer

24 апреля 2019    46
Senior Full Stack Rails Engineer


We are a small team that moves fast, so you will be given significant responsibility. We work in multidisciplinary product teams with engineers, product managers, and designers. We maintain a healthy mix of senior engineers and exceptional junior engineers.

In this role you will be responsible for helping to craft our SaaS product, mostly in the form of Rails-based microservices and React user interfaces. You will build services that consume 3rd party APIs in order to improve our product capabilities by leveraging a diversity of integrations. In addition to the individual applications you will be helping to craft our shared open and closed source libraries used across our infrastructure.


  • Creatively solve business challenges using Rails and React
  • Confidently build Rails API interfaces that are scalable, easy to document, and fun to use.
  • Conceptualize and create simple solutions when adapting our product to new integrations
  • Carefully manage both document and sql data stores, handling large amounts of customer data
  • Deliver high-quality, scalable Javascript and SCSS.
  • Work closely with product and design teams to design simple, powerful, innovative web user experiences
  • Continuously improve your team's productivity through automation and process improvement
  • Future-proof your work through a combination of thoughtful monitoring, automated testing, refactoring, and modularization.
About You

  • Comfortable implementing features across the entire stack
  • Bonus: Expertise in Rails or React
  • You have at least five years of professional experience building applications.
  • You care about the details and take ownership over what you're involved in.
  • You value simplicity, but also performance.
  • You know how to problem solve effectively, especially when debugging and designing.
  • You're a good person.

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