Senior FrontEnd Developer for World-famous Fashion Brand

26 июня 2020    22

• 5+ years of proven professional experience as a Front End developer, preferably with startup experience
• Еxperience with GraphQl (at least 1 year of proven professional experience)
• Еxperience with Next.js, Typescript (at least 2 years of proven professional experience)
• Production experience with React (hooks and redux, flow typings);
• Excellent knowledge of Javascript with commonly used practices (reusable components and functional approach)
• Experience and understanding how are microservice works and builds and general — how it should be tested (API Rest, contracts and so on)
• Code refactoring and optimization (principles and approaches)
• Working with GIT workflow
• Web scraping and data feed ingestion and transformation at scale
• Proficient understanding of CSS, HTML and other web technologies
• You have an eye for clean code and are passionate about testing (BDD, TDD). Understanding of unit and integration testing flow and test coverage
• Problem-solving collaborative attitude, not-afraid-of-new-challenges mindset, playful attitude
• Fluent level of English

• Еxperience with Node.js
• Еxperience with Azure Cloud
• Production experience with databases and designing scalable database infrastructure (NoSQL and SQL based). Especially SQL + Sequelize ORM
• Deep hands-on experience with CI/CD implementation in Azure, Google or AWS

• Very warm and friendly working environment
• Professional and career growth
• No corporate BS — we’re moving too fast for that
• Competitive compensation depending on experience and skills
• Opportunities to travel international and between our offices
• Working with the latest technologies
• Excellent opportunities to work with remarkable teams from all over the world
• Flexible working hours — as long as you get the work done
• Comfortable and cozy office in the city center
• Awesome corporate events

At Brightgrove, developers are integrated, involved, and essential to each part of our company. As with wine, great software is created by great people.

• Write maintainable code (SOLID), easy to test and that you are proud of
• Build, maintain, and deploy new and existing functionality to all our environments
• Participate in planning, discussions and business meetings — we need every brain in the office to create the most successful product

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