Senior Front-end Engineer (React.js, Next.js)

26 июня 2019    38
Here's to the crazy ones. The hackers. The doers. The curious geeks in a world of corporate zombies...

A cool, fully-remote startup is looking for a Senior Front-end Engineer… preferably one that does NOT s*ck! You must be speaking JavaScript through your sleep and know React like the back of your hand.

On top of the salary, you'll get generous stock options, performance-based bonuses, and annual profit share, as well as extensive training and mentoring, BUT…

You must be a perfectionist — you're simply too passionate about your work to call something "done" when it's not near perfect yet!

Do you remember how "Monica" from F.R.I.E.N.D.S was obsessed with the little details? Now, imagine if she became a front-end engineer somehow… Do you think this is you?

Okay, we want to hire you if you:

  • are an absolute expert in JavaScript, including vanilla code
  • have rock-solid skills in building SPAs and PWAs using React.js and redux
  • have experience with SSR technologies and Next.js specifically
  • can build mobile apps using React Native
  • are familiar with reactive programming, as well as modern trends in JS
  • can turn design system mockups to pixel-perfect code with attention to detail
  • know your HTML5 and CSS
  • know how to deliver a fully-responsive experience across different devices
  • care about loading speed and on-page SEO best practices

Extra points for:

  • experience with SVG animation
  • contributions to open source projects
  • UX design knowledge
  • a rudimentary knowledge of Python/Django
  • knowledge of Swiss Design and other abstract influences
  • being a fan of Pink Floyd

On top of that, you...

  • are passionate about making an impact in an early-stage startup with a kickass product
  • like hacking pet projects, just for fun and kudos
  • can work in a fully-remote environment embracing asynchronous communication
  • document and test your code, and are familiar with continuous delivery
  • are familiar with Agile methodologies

Your typical day at DealTracker

You will be working in a small team of A-players, reporting directly to our Tech Lead and our CEO. You'll be taking the lead on the front-end side of things. We built this proof of concept (link) using React/redux. You'll be working on turning it into a proper PWA.

So, on a typical day, you will:
  • build and scale new features on the front-end
  • improve and fix existing functionality
  • take care of your personal staging environment
  • work closely with backend, helping to define the APIs
  • participate in the design and architecture of new features
  • If you know React Native, you could also take part in building our mobile app

So, what will we build together?

DealTracker is a real-time deal aggregator that collects deals from all the major online retailers in the US and ranks them based on factors like current and historical prices across different stores, product reviews, brand reputation, etc.

It's also a social platform for curated shopping, where people can create shareable product collections in a Pinterest-like fashion. They can also follow their favorite brands and product categories for personalized deal discovery.

We didn't launch the product yet, but you can click here demo our old PoC here to get an idea. [NOT PUBLIC - Please, don't share it]

Are you the real deal? Let's talk!

If you can build kickass PWAs with Silicon Valley standards and want to join a team of A-player hackers, now is the time to apply...

It only takes a few minutes. We would love to hear about your experience and the coolest projects you contributed to. A resume is not required, we'd rather see your code.
Our process is fast and you'll know our final decision within a week. We are also very flexible on timezones. This job should fit nicely with your typical workday if you're from Europe, North America, or MEA.

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