Senior Front-End Engineer (ReactJS)

14 октября 2020    34
⁃                Contributing to product design and UI/UX solutions
⁃                Implement new functionality in the front-end layer
⁃                Building wireframes of new features/solutions
⁃                Resolution of front-end bugs
⁃                Writing/refining feature specs
⁃                Testing
⁃                Strong experience with HTML/CSS/Javascript
⁃                Strong experience with React.js
⁃                Ability to design complex front-end solutions
⁃                Expertise in form design and user experience
⁃                Expertise in front-end design patterns
⁃                Expertise in time/task management 
Ideal Candidate
⁃                Has basic knowledge of Ruby on Rails / Server-Side Rendering
⁃                Has basic skills in SQL/PostgreSQL
⁃                Expert in ReactJS (React Native a plus)
⁃                Skilled with design/wire-framing tools.
⁃                Skilled in UI/UX principles
⁃                Leadership skills. Desire to build and lead front-end team
⁃                30 days PTO
⁃                Generous equity grants
How to Apply
Email resume, link to Github, and projects

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