Senior Front End Engineer - ReactJS

22 июля 2018    32

You are a forward thinking, creative problem solver with a passion for core JavaScript. If you’ve got the chops and want to ditch the cubicle, apply to the best lean startup development team on the planet. At Modus Create you will collaborate with a cross-functional Scrum team to deliver high quality innovative products in short sprint cycles.

This contract role may be performed from a remote location and requires a level of effort estimated at 40 hours per week. Preference will be given to candidates within the Western Hemisphere.


  • Build a new UI for a successful, growing educational product
  • Write lots of quality, high performing JavaScript code using ReactJS, Redux, GraphQL
  • Collaborate daily with UX, Engineering, QA and DevOps to build and deliver an intuitive, highly visible web app
  • Collaborate, write code, write automated tests, perform code reviews and actively participate on our distributed Agile team
  • Consult to our end client regarding development best practices
  • Work 100% aligned with Western Hemisphere business hours - GMT -4 or -5

Required Skills and Experience

  • At least 2 years experience delivering high value, complex UI front-end products
  • Good understanding of modern front-end architectures
  • Strong experience with ReactJS, Redux 
  • Experience in consuming and/or developing APIs using GraphQL, is highly desirable
  • Strong Javascript basics and very good understanding of core JS (ES6/7)
  • Experience in following Agile/Scrum SDLC
  • Experience with automated unit, integration and end-to-end testing is highly desirable.
  • Be comfortable communicating in a virtual environment
  • Previous remote team experience
  • ​A consistent, reliable internet connection

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