Senior Front End developer (Angular) []

3 февраля 2020    58

• Experience with JavaScript (4+ years);
• Experience with Angular.js (v1.6);
• Experience with Angular 2+;
• Experience with RxJS;
• Experience with HTML/CSS/LESS;
• Experience with tools for team working (svn, git);
• Understanding the principles of MVC application design;
• Ability to write high-quality, clear and efficient code with documentation;
• Upper-intermediate English.

• Ability to design RESTful services;
• Knowledge of the angular-ui-router, angular-bootstrap modules;
• Base understanding of the unit testing.

• Competitive compensation depending on experience and skills;
• Opportunities for self-realization, professional and career growth;
• Office near the Teatral’na metro station (Bohdana Khmelnytskogo Str.);
• Compensation package (paid vacation, sick leaves), flexible working hours;
• Study and practice of English: courses and communication with colleagues and clients from different countries;
• Yoga classes and football.

• Design and implementation front end part of the product;
• Analyze and clarify requirements, decompose tasks, estimate time frames;
• Participate and facilitate in SCRUM development process;
• Participate in meetings with the Product Owner in English.

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