Senior Front-end developer

25 января 2020    50

Experience in web front-end technologies more than 7 years
Experience in VanillaJS development more than 5 years
Remote job experience more than 3 years
Strong JS/CSS/HTML knowledge
Strong React/Webpack knowledge
Strong profiling and debugging knowledge
Strong Git and CLI knowledge
Strong knowledge of front-end development best practices
Experience in creation own JS solutions (npm, github and etc)
Experience in mobile web front-end development
Experience in code review process
Do not afraid to communicate with UX/QC/API teams for better result
Do not afraid to take responsibility for feature development process from scratch and finish it in time
Technical English
Do not afraid to do something new
Macbook Pro
Cookies, coffee and etc

Flutter/React Native
Some SQL knowledge (SQLite and etc)

Here’s what we offer:
Work for fast growing and profitable company
Competitive compensation and very significant performance bonus
Paid official Holidays
Paid New Year Holidays (December 31,January 2), Birthday as a day off.
Flexible work schedule.
Remote work

Single-page applications development based on front-end technologies for mobile and desktop browsers
Improve and create architecture for Cordova/React based apps

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