Senior Engineer in fast growing global startup - $2M funding

13 мая 2020    28


We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join a fast growing international startup team of serial entrepreneurs and  funded by billionaires

The candidate must have a proven track record scaling up JavaScript / Node.js services and applications. The main focus of the position is to take ownership of core projects within the organisation and in direct collaboration with the CTO be responsible for the strategic decisions driving our product and business forward.
Supporting the team with proven scalability solutions, improving and evolving our software architecture and working with all stakeholders on new services and solutions is but a part of the challenges that come with this position. 

Main requirements

  • Design and implementation of low-latency, high-availability, performant services
  • Responsible for decisions and actions related to achieving business critical targets
  • Build new solutions and greenfield applications
  • Optimisation of code and architecture
  • Leadership - support, training and pairing with junior team members

Skills And Qualifications
  • Proven track record designing and building high-performance systems
  • Proficiency of Node.js / Javascript
  • Proficiency in AWS and/or Azure
  • Good commercial experience with SQL
  • Industry experience in e-commerce
  • Good understanding of security compliance
  • Integration of multiple data sources and databases

Benefits & Perks

We take a pride in our team - the most important part of what we do is to help each other in reaching our shared goals. Being a member of the team feels like going on a quest. We share the same values and we share our knowledge and most importantly we help each other. Ultimately our team is as strong as all our individual strengths combined.

Exceptional growth - For the past year we managed to grow our business from 0 to a 10 million dollar enterprise. Our goal for this year is to 10x that.
It is very ambitions but so are we. By joining the company you will grow in your field of expertise faster than in any other place before.

Impact - being a small but fast moving team means that each of us is responsible for vast areas of the company success. Our ambition is to change the way industries are run. We delight millions of shoppers and make happy thousands of skilful artisans by helping their work find a home. 

Remote Details

We are happy to support out team with remote work when necessary.

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