Senior DevOps Engineer (remote)

30 апреля 2020    68

3+ years of working experience in Linux/Unix administration (Debian / Redhat / Ubuntu);
Docker, writing and supporting custom helm charts Kubernetes
MySQL/PostgreSQL or other relevant NoSQL and RDBMS technologies configuration/optimization/maintenance/backups/failover;
Apache, Nginx configuration (SSL, redirects, auth, etc)
AWS: VPC, EC2, RDS, CloudFront+S3, IAM, etc
Experience with Ansible, CHEF or similar configuration management tools
Experience with Terraform, CloudFormation or similar infrastructure as code tools
Experience with logging and monitoring tools
Working knowledge of English
Software engineering background
Ability to work in a team that values high collaboration and transparency
Inspiration about freelance and remote work

American or Far-East timezone
Blockchain experience (deployment of Ethereum, Bitcoin nodes, masternodes)
Experience with Python

Challenging project
Friendly environment and wonderful team
Flexible working hours
Hourly rate in the range $18-$25/hr based on the experience

Maintain and improve existing CI tools, monitoring, and deployment with the K8s or similar tools
Participate in decision-making (choice of tools, deployment architecture, etc.);
Write the technical documentation, deployment instructions, etc
Orchestrate Docker containers in development and production environments
Configure AWS services
Follow and enforcing security best practices for all of the above
Identify and resolve infrastructural bugs.
Drive the success of our systems development advancements, cooperating with the development, and QA teams.

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