Senior DevOps Engineer

5 сентября 2019    40

— Excellent communication skills, we are a remote team so communication is vital.
— You’ve got experience working on a dynamic product that is ever-changing and evolving rapidly.
— You have strong commercial experience with Kubernetes and Terraform.
— You’ve experience in cloud and related technologies such as Docker and Digital Ocean or AWS.
— Experience monitoring microservices in production environments, with tools such as Datadog, ELK, cAdvisor, Prometheus and more.
— Experience monitoring and maintaining databases in production environments, such as MySQL/MariaDB, MongoDB, and more.
— You take ownership and feel responsible for the product as a whole. You don’t mind getting your hands dirty and work with the boy scout rule in mind.
— You relentlessly automate, from configuring infrastructure to deploying new services.
— You have educated teams around good practices and principles.
— You’re accomplished in infrastructure automation and have mastered a variety of technologies.
— You’ve got experience guiding a team through successful architectural and/or technical decisions.
— You’re comfortable picking up new stacks and choosing the right tool to get the job done.
— You can show us how you made an impact beyond a team or departmental level.
— You show maturity in tradeoffs, make sound decisions, and plan well.
— You speak English.
— You’re an empathetic person with a big appetite for success.

— Experience in Systems Programming and Tooling.
— Experience in maintaining distributed systems built on top of Apache Kafka.
— Experience with PHP/Golang.

— Attractive and fair salary, we take good care of our employees.
— Permanent, full-time position. The contract will be for six months with the intention to make it long term. New features and ideas will never stop.
— 25 vacation days per year and flexible working hours.
— Professional growth.

— Help us in designing and running our infrastructure on top of Digital Ocean and AWS.
— Automate our infrastructure using Kubernetes (K8s), Terraform, GitLab, and Docker.
— Apply industry best practices with Infrastructure-as-Code approach.
— Contribute to technical and architectural decision-making.
— Work in an agile environment with strong attention to a well-tested code and documentation.

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