Senior DevOps Engineer

4 января 2021    44

We are looking for a humble positive software engineer who can develop tools that facilitate software development.

  • 5+ years of experience as a professional software engineer.
  • 2+ years of experience administering Kubernetes Clusters (k8s).
  • 2+ years of experience working with GCP (Google Cloud Platform).
  • 2+ years containerizing applications for local development (docker, docker-compose, minikube)
  • Previous experience creating continuous integration (Github Actions, Jenkins, CircleCI).
  • Previous experience working with k8s deployment automation (kustomize, skaffold, helm).
  • Previous experience setting up testing infrastructure for Java Spring Boot (SonarQube, Jacoco).
  • Previous experience administering SQL databases (Postgres, Oracle).
  • Previous experience setting up container-native monitoring (Prometheus, Graphana, InfluxDB).
  • Previous experience administering message buses (Kafka, RabbitMQ).
  • Previous experience administering indexing tools (Solr, Elasticsearch, Lucene).
  • Previous experience working with job orchestration (Argo, Airflow) is a plus.
  • Experience setting up performance benchmarking testing.
  • Experience developing applications in Java, NodeJs and Go is a plus.
  • You write code that is understandable, simple, clean and elegant.
  • You enjoy autonomy and are able to operate with self-direction.

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