Senior Data Scientist

23 июня 2020    34

3+ years of professional experience in a Data Science role;
2+ years of experience working with, and deploying to, a fully-managed machine learning service (e.g., AWS Sagemaker or GCP CloudML);
M.S. or PhD in machine learning, statistics, applied math, engineering, physics, or a similar field;
Experience with distributed processing frameworks (e.g., Hadoop, Spark, HBase, Hive, Mahout);
Programming knowledge in Scala, R, Python, or Java;
Passionate about working with large datasets and mining data to come up with insights that can power future product growth;
Strong opinions about writing beautiful, maintainable, and understandable code;
Proficient in writing reproducible and fault tolerant models and creating ML pipelines (Sampling, Feature Engineering, Training, Evaluation, and Scoring);
Expertise in statistical methods and experimental design and analysis;
Comfortable with Natural Language Processing frameworks and techniques to deal with highly unstructured data;
Experience quering TinkerPop-enabled databases using a graph query language (e.g., Gremlin);
Experience building recommendation models based on graph relationships;
Designing and analyzing experiments to measure the impact of new product features;
Adding new metrics and aggregations to our Machine Learning Pipeline and data output to make new class of questions answerable;
Building models to predict the growth trajectory of different customer segments;
Strong verbal and written communication skills;
Spoken English is a must!

Competitive compensation plan that takes skills and experience into consideration.
Annual performance appraisals.
Possibility to choose your workspace either remote or combination of your home and one of our development offices.
Flexible working hours and adjustable work/life balance. Projects that use advanced, cutting-edge technologies.
Competitive bonuses for a personal recommendation of new employees.
Vacation time, sick-leaves, national holidays, family supplementary days off.
Comprehensive medical insurance including dental services, massages, and sports activities.
Support for a healthy lifestyle, compensation of running events.
Maternity leave policy.
Daycare centers for kids in select offices.
Partial compensation of conferences, courses and English classes.
Free meetups, webinars, and conferences organized by Svitla.
Birthday presents for personnel and New Year gifts for children.
Fun summer and winter corporate parties and memorable anniversary presents.

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