Senior Data Migration Engineer

15 июня 2020    36

1. More than 5 years of R&D experience.

3. Solid experience with OOP.

2. Proficient in database technology and have a strong interest in database technology. RDBMS and NoSQL are proficient in at least one.

3. Proficient in database log crawling analysis, Message Queue, ETL and other data processing technologies.

4. Have a comprehensive technical vision and an excellent understanding of the development of databases, cloud computing and other fields.

5. Have good learning ability, communication ability, team management and collaboration ability.

1. Database kernel / DBA expert, proficient in database principles and database optimization.

2. Experience in data integration product development such as Oracle GoldenGate, Informatica, Talend, Kafka, etc.

3. Experience in massive data processing, familiar with big data technologies such as Hadoop / Spark / Flink.

4. Experience in R&D team management.

— competitive salary and bonus;
— boost of personal experience;
— international exposure;
— cooperation with Top international technical team;
— great comfortable office.

1. Responsible for the architecture design, core technology research, core code development and patent output of Huawei Cloud Data Replication Service DRS;

2. Build the industry’s most competitive heterogeneous database synchronization capabilities, including but not limited to Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and other databases;

3. Responsible for the research and development of data consistency comparison algorithms to achieve rapid comparison of massive data, including but not limited to full volume comparison, incremental real-time comparison, data repair, etc ..

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