Senior Data Engineer is needed

2 октября 2019    34

• Be able to process and integrate disparate data from different data sources
• Be able to think with creativity, propose and lead development of data crunching software modules (mostly text analysis & NLP)
• Be able to work with version control system (Git)
• Be able to understand software architecture and the existing workflow
• Be able to clearly communicate in English
• Be able to work independently in the remote work setting
• Be able to overlap with our business hours for a great collaboration.
• Experienced in the relevant Python and its libraries; Especially appreciated is the knowledge of the following libraries: pandas, request, beatifulsoup, lxml, scrappy, selenium, joblib
• Good documentation skills
• Good written and spoken English

• At least 3 years of professional experience in data engineering/machine learning
• Fluent in Python and experienced with Pandas
• Bachelor degree in computer science
• Strong sense of ownership and responsibility for code quality that follows best practices
• Strong coding, problem-solving, and debugging skills
• Awesome communication, collaboration, and self-management skills.

PeakData is an innovative startup in the area of Big Data analysis, Natural Language Processing and Web Mining. Together, PeakData’s founders have more than 25 years of research experience conducted in the leading institutions such as MIT, Technical University of Munich and the University of Zurich in the areas of Data Science and Statistics.
We offer you a path of personal growth in an all-remote team while working on the ambitious vision of making sense of the unstructured data spread across the web. Currently we analyze Petabytes of data and build Machine Learning solutions to do this on scale and with high quality.
Just like the ambitious vision we pursue, we are constantly looking for ambitious talented experts in the areas of Data Science and Data Engineering to join our team! If you feel that you can be a good match please drop us an email to

To innovate and lead a team of data engineers

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