Senior C/C++ Developer

1 октября 2018    28

Project description
We are developing software for audio-video conferencing.
Desktop application contains C++ module and Web/OSX/Android UI applications.
Java conferencing server incorporates software MCU (media processing/transcoding unit)
C++ module encapsulated:
SIP with SDP signaling protocol
H323 protocol signaling
RTP/RTCP/RDP media transmitting
Video/audio decoding and encoding
Video/audio playback and capturing
Required skills

• 5+ years of experience in developing of commercial software
• Good Experience in OOD/OOP programming
• Excellent experience in Multithreading/IPC/STL/Win32 API/Network programming
• Good practice with Version Control and Bug Tracking Tools
• Good knowledge of C++11 standard
• Technical level of English skills

Desired skills

• Understanding of SIP, SDP and RTP/RTCP/RDP protocols
• Understanding of ICE/STUN/TURN protocols
• Knowledge in VoIP
• Understanding of H323, H239 protocols
• Practice in OSX programming (Mostly C++)
• Practice in Android programming (Native)
• Understanding of media processing (coding/decoding audio/video)

Send your Resume / CV to

Based in the US since 2004, Codeminders develops software products for high-tech companies located predominantly in the Silicon Valley in California. While we specialize in a broad range of applications, our primary focus is on new technologies such as social networks, mobile applications, video conference systems, cloud computing and others. We are constantly building the team of top-level specialists with proven ability to professionally design and deliver a diverse spectrum of projects.
Codeminders is not your typical outsourcing company. Our clients pick us primarily because we take upon the most challenging and diverse projects delivering them successfully and on schedule.

Some of the benefits of working for Codeminders are:
• Individual approach to salary based on qualifications and interview results
• Great opportunities of professional growth
• Western management practices
• Prospect of business trips to the US and Europe
• Modern and comfortable office in Kiev within walking distance from “Lybedskaja” subway station
• Great benefits package including training opportunities
• Reimbursement for moving expenses for out-of-town candidates
• Flexible working hours
• You may work from home one day per week
• Performance bonuses and annual salary reviews
• Choice of desktop or a laptop as a workstation
• Bike-friendly and car-friendly offices

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