Senior Back-End Engineer

22 октября 2018    48
About the Role:
Cladwell is hiring a Sr. Back-End Engineer to own and iterate on the API powering our app. Download it now - it's free! - then come back. The API powers everything in your hand, from the clothes database to designing and building outfits for you each day. As a Sr. Back-End Engineer, you will play a key part in product development. As a team, we meet together to brainstorm new features and discuss technical viability. From there, the Sr. Back-End Engineer will design the API endpoint for the front-end teams to use and then implement the end-point in parallel. The Sr. Back-End Engineer will also work to maintain and manage the production servers for the Outfits API to ensure reliability for our users. 

You're excited about this opportunity because:
  • You want to work to make one product the best it can be, not cut corners.
  • You will be able to significantly impact the trajectory of our business
  • Generating billions of outfits per week sounds fun and exciting.
  • You enjoy being a part of the entire product process.

We're excited about you because:
  • You love how technology can change people's lives for the better
  • You like working with and scaling relational databases
  • You care about how the clothing industry affects the lives of people, and want to be apart of a better future.
  • You have strong skills and experiences with libraries like Django, Django REST Framework, Celery or equivalents in your language of choice
  • You understand AWS, Heroku or similar cloud platforms
  • You are self-motivated and an optimist at heart
  • You have experience with analytics and reporting platforms
  • You are interested in fashion or fashion tech

Why you'll love working at Cladwell...
  • We're a group of fun, intelligent, and kind women and men. We're pretty ambitious, but we try to make room to get to know and enjoy each other as people.
  • We're a fast-growing pre-Series A startup that is using tech to creatively change the fashion industry.
  • We're a purely technology driven business. (Stylists work with technologists, not customers.)
  • We're driven by a mission: We want to make the fashion industry good for people.
  • We're driving toward a vision: We want to manage the world's closets.
  • We try put customer empathy in the middle of everything we build.
  • We pay people what they're worth in the marketplace.
  • We believe you can join a startup and still have a thriving family and friendships.
  • We're backed by seasoned investors like Science Inc. (Backed Dollar Shave Club, MeUndies, FameBit) and 500 Startups
  • You'll make a meaningful difference in both the shaping of a business, and the way millions of people interact with their clothes.

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