Seeking Support Engineer/Junior Dev Hellbent on Personal Growth

6 ноября 2020    38

If you're an incredibly driven and focused junior developer that is hungry as hell to learn and become a keyboard assassin, keep reading.

Ringba's team of entirely senior people is searching for a new member who will help us rapidly improve the inbound sales industry through technology. We don't care where you live, as long as you love to learn and bang amazing code.

This opportunity requires both personal and professional growth, comes with autonomy and a complete lack of corporate bullshit. You'll also have a chance to work adtech veterans and world-class marketing experts to expand on our already successful product line.

Please keep in mind we're only interested in hiring highly functioning, meticulous, responsible and dedicated "A" players. We are extremely selective about who we bring onto our team and we challenge those team members to become better every day. If challenges concern you, or you don't consider yourself a highly motivated "A" player, we appreciate you reading this far, but we're simply not interested.

Why are we so fanatical about who we hire? Well, your team is everything and we're going up against giant companies with endless resources. For us to keep winning we can only have amazing people.

You can think of this as a paid mentorship where you will have an unprecedented level of access into the advertising technology space. 

If you decide to apply, please expect code tests and multiple interview rounds with key members of our sales, support, engineering, and leadership team. 

We take exceptionally good care of our people. All team members make above market.

What you'll do:

  • Interface with sales and customers to solve complex problems
  • Design technical solutions to solve practical business applications
  • Implement redundant and scalable architecture
  • Work directly with senior team learning the entire architecture

What you need:

  • Fluency in English
  • Be a great pro-active communicator
  • Experience with .NET, Java, or other OOP languages
  • Experience with Node.js / JavaScript
  • Strong desire to rip everything apart and understand how systems work
  • Hyper focused and motivated to learn advanced software development principles and best practices

Bonus Points:

  • Experience working remote
  • Experience with real-time bidding systems
  • Experience with VOIP and telecom APIs
  • Experience with Elasticsearch
  • Experience with Aerospike
  • Experience with Redis
  • Experience with Kinesis

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