Ruby On Rails or React Developer and Team Lead

29 апреля 2021    38
Waggl is looking for an experienced Web Developer and Team Lead to join our growing team.

How we are different

We know that as a developer you can work many places.  Waggl’s work environment is unique.

  • We care deeply about our work.  Both the quality of what we produce and its impact. 
  • We believe everyone deserves to have their voice heard from a brand new hire to the CEO.  This is key to our product and our culture.  We check titles at the door. 
  • We trust you.  You can work from home, in the office, or from an RV traveling across the country as long as you stay connected and get your work done.  We trust you to take the time off you feel you need to recharge and be your best.  No questions asked.
  • We improve the work lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.
  • All these things and more have led us to be named as one of the Best Places to Work by Inc magazine.

How we work

We work really hard to balance collaboration, autonomy, efficiency and high quality output.  We do this through informal interactions, short daily meetings, and efficient planning meetings.  Our primary technology stack is Ruby On Rails, and React.  Our team is made up of developers, designers and QA folks.  

Where you fit in

This is a player/coach role.  20% of your time will be leading a 4 person team to ship high quality features and the other 80% of your time will be as a React and/or Rails developer writing code as part of that team.  In this leadership role, you will act as the SCRUM master facilitating meetings, removing impediments for team members and holding the team accountable for its commitments.  You will also have 2 team members who will report to you.

For the development part of your role, you will:  

  • Develop new features (front-end, back-end, or both).
  • Help us further scale our platform (both through optimization and re-architecting as needed)
  • Contribute to the team's best practices and effectiveness.
  • Help teammates and give feedback on their code
  • Investigate production systems errors
  • Work on other special technical projects


  • Either 3+ years with Ruby on Rails or 3+ years with React
  • Normal work hours are EDT, CDT, PDT, or AST (e.g. you live in North America, Central America, or South America)
  • Team player
  • Expert English if English is not your first language

Nice to have

  • Experience with both Ruby on Rails and React
  • Experience leading a team
  • Experience writing tests
  • Experience optimizing sql queries.
  • Experience working remotely

About Waggl

Waggl ( exists to give every employee a voice to make their workplace better.  We are an Employee Voice platform that helps organizations measure and improve engagement through simple data visualizations and meaningful crowdsourced dialogue between managers, leaders and teams.

Every. Voice. Matters. This belief is at the heart of Waggl. We acknowledge that we are headquartered in a country where people of a different race, gender, age and/or sexual orientation are not treated equitably -- in pay, promotions, career opportunities, education, and access to capital. At Waggl we are committed to doing everything within our sphere of influence to right this wrong -- with our employees, contractors, vendors and customers. We strive to prioritize diversity of voice and inclusion in every action we take. While humbled by our work ahead, we’re committed to moving steadily from aspiration to action, as we advance along our journey.

How to apply

Please apply at

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