Ruby on Rails Developer

16 ноября 2018    52

-A few years of Ruby on Rails
-A few years of building web applications, designing interfaces, etc
-No specific education necessary. (really.)
-You’re always learning and teach yourself. (Watch conference talks? Go to dev meetups?)
-Excellent communication skills — verbal, written and electronic.
-You care — which means sometimes putting yourself out there for a customer experiencing pain.
-Ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment.

-You’re kind and wiley (in a good way).

-Salaried position designed to grow with the company (seriously, try us)
-We want this to be your dream job — but we need your help (tell us how)
-We will advance your career like nobody else — stay with us for the long haul and we’ll keep you challenged, learning, passionate, and growing.
-Results-oriented: Keep having fun and shipping code and you can design your day
-We are currently a dispersed team working from home and a few regional offices

-Lots of building and inventing.
-Helping discover and flesh out new product ideas. (Roadmap has like 1000 new features we’re anxious to get to!)
-Keeping us up to date with what you are learning in your spare time.
-Bringing in new technology you discover that might solve a problem.
-Coming up with improvements to many areas that are still sort of minimum viable state.

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