Ruby Developer

11 октября 2019    28

Key skills:
• 4+ years experience developing scalable back-ends with Ruby on Rails
• Experience in building RESTful services, working with message queues, and batch processing applications
• Experience with the AWS ecosystem
• Experience with relational databases

Key competencies:
• You get excited about good quality code and engineering quests
• You have good knowledge about API Design and performance optimization
• You understand the tradeoffs between technical, analytical and product goals

• Freedom: work anywhere and anytime you want. Just get things done! Have a wedding, birthday, or dying to see that new show on Netflix? Feel free to take as many days off as you want to relax your mind. As long as you deliver what is expected. With freedom comes great responsibility.
• Simplicity: No scrum, kanban, agile and other words used in our daily job. Just work on improving the product. No meetings to keep you distracted. Feel free to immerse yourself into coding

What will your role look like:
• Build amazing new features with our product team — through brainstorm and research
• Design and deliver back-end business logic as well as do code reviews
• Identify and improve critical areas in our existing code base with a focus on simplicity and improved performance, testability, and security

• Be ready to release new functionality every two weeks. Lead time ~ 2 weeks
• Identifying technical debt sources, estimating the amount of added development time and fixing part of it every release. 10% time is spent on annihilating tech debt in every release
• Reduce the number of bugs reported. No critical bugs in a release that led to downtime. Uptime 99%

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