Rock Star Social Media Manager

28 сентября 2019    46

WANTED: Rock Star Social Media Process Manager With Top-Notch Process Management Skills

Are you a killer social media manager with experience increasing engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Do you live on social media 24/7 and wouldn’t dream of being out of touch for more than a few hours? Are you primarily a people organizer, with the ability to plan a schedule and get others to stick to your timeline? Would you be psyched to manage a social media community of smart, successful women seeking dating, relationship, and confidence advice?

Well, you might be the rock star social media process manager we’re looking for.

This is a critical role on our team that requires a super organized, independent self-starter. We need you to not be shy about keeping others — even our CEO — to a schedule. If you need a lot of hand holding, you won’t be a great fit for this role. 

It’s also not a content creation role — we’re using existing content that Matthew creates, and someone else will be delivering that weekly. Your process management, organizational, and teamwork skills, as well as your flexibility, will be more important than anything in this role.

The qualities we’re looking for include:

– High level of organizational skills and ability to organize others
– Process mindset and ability to see the big picture from a linear, process-driven perspective and organize others within that
– Confidence, but no ego
– Ability to keep others on schedule, no fear in your project management skillset
– Lots of flexibility 
– High digital availability and willingness to grow with us
– Passion for and devotion to the work we do and our community
– Dependability
– Prior experience as a freelancer preferred
– Two years of social media management experience preferred (bonus points if it’s for a media personality)

Responsibilities include:

– Process managing two designers, a video editor, and our CEO to get posts planned, ready, and scheduled (we have someone else who will source & deliver content from our existing library)
– Finalizing approvals from Matthew 
– Scheduling daily posts and tweets
– Creating a social media content schedule every month 
– Helping put in place a team to review comments and respond to messages with questions about our programs
– Willingness to speak up with ideas as well as take final direction where necessary

Why Join Us?

You’ll work remotely with a good amount of flexibility. We are 100% remote, with team members based in LA, NY, the UK, Eastern Europe, and Asia. 

Make an impact – help women level-up in their relationships, self-esteem, and happiness.

Be part of a positive, upbeat team that deals with each other with respect and gratitude.


This role starts as part-time freelance for 20 hours per week, but we are looking for someone who wants to be full time and expect the hours to grow rapidly. Given that most of our customers are in the U.S., we generally work U.S. business hours, so you should have consistent availability within 9 am - 6 pm Eastern time hours (if you’re an early bird and want to work from Pacific Time, or a night owl who wants to work from European hours, we don’t care, but we’ll need to be reliably able to reach you during these hours). You’ll need consistent availability for team video calls between the hours of 11 AM - 3 PM Eastern.

To be considered, please write a cover letter to as to why you’d be a good fit in the body of your email. DO NOT send a CV or other attachments (if you attach ANYTHING to it, your application will automatically not be read). We prioritize culture fit, attention to detail, and superstar-quality writing when selecting candidates. 

You’ll be interviewing with our Customer Support Lead, Courtney. Her favorite color is red, so she’d be pleased if you put that word somewhere in your subject line when sending your letter.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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