React Software Developer

9 января 2021    54

Cluby is a membership card for best places in the city. Users get benefits and discounts from places such as restaurants, bars, cafes, and barber shops. They can also buy products, e.g. lunch & coffee passes, event tickets and VIP-cards. Businesses get a simple way to reward their loyal customers - and acquire new ones. With our freemium business model we are uniquely positioned and aim to become the #1 membership platform in every city we launch.

We are looking for an experienced React Developer to be part of our engineering team. We are ready to hire the right person immediately when we find the right one. Our current tech stack consists of dockerized cloud-based Python-backend (PostgreSQL, Redis, etc) and React & React Native based web and mobile applications.

Our work culture is a mix of individual freedom and responsibility. Everyone is accountable for their own work and how they do it. We believe professionals know how to get things done - or ask help when they don’t. As a member of our core team, you will also have a direct impact on the product. 


  • Enthusiasm towards building awesome products and software
  • Being passionate and committed to tasks in hand
  • In general an autonomous person with high levels of initiative and energy
  • A professional and respectful attitude towards others and their work

Essentials skills and expertise

  • 2+ years of working experience
  • Strong and evolving competence in several programming languages and technologies, working knowledge of multiple toolsets, technologies and implementation environments
  • Strong emphasis on code quality and testing
  • Experience in designing software architectures for scalability, reliability, security and performance
  • Continuous improvement mindset and experience working with legacy code and improving it in-place :)
  • Hands-on experience in running and working with production environments

Preferred experience (at least few of these)

  • Javascript, Typescript, Python, (Java, Objective-C)
  • PostgreSQL, Redis, Docker, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform
  • React Native, React (iOS, Android)

We offer

  • An interesting opportunity to build a world class B2C product
  • Professional and technically strong team members
  • Competitive compensation with salary and early employee equity or options
  • Growth start-up atmosphere
  • Suitable candidate to be able to start immediately

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