React / Node JS Developer w/ Firebase

1 сентября 2021    36

Вы хотите стать частью глобальной команды, формирующей будущее розничной торговли?

If you enjoy working with the latest technologies in the space of real-time data, video, and e-commerce then we might have the right opening for you.

We are a young business, with our foundation based on cutting-edge methodologies refined over a decade by building products and growing digital businesses all over the world.

Flux Panda is looking for the next engineer to join the team and this time we're looking for your React and Firebase skills. As the perfect candidate, you should have hands-on experience with React JS and Firebase.

You will join a growing, capable team of full-stack javascript developers, where you collaborate with other engineers to define the future of our product. 

What you will be working on:

You will create advanced mobile and web applications, using real-time capabilities, video streaming, test automation, serverless, and much more.

"As an engineer, working on an actual product from conceptualization to implementation is what I like the most here at Flux Panda" - Paulo

Key Qualifications

  • Hands-on experience with React JS (with a portfolio to show)
  • Full understanding of React and Flux concepts
  • Experience in Node.js and Firebase
  • Excellent analytical, programming, and debugging skills
  • Strong English, communication, and collaboration skills
  • You have as your browser homepage
  • Experience with end-to-end testing is a plus


  1. Team events
  2. Support on equipment
  3. Travel

Дополнительные инструкции

  1. We will send you a short questionnaire with some initial technical questions
  2. We will have the first technical interview
  3. Final technical interview and coding challenge
  4. Hiring and onboarding to the team 🎉 🥳

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