QA Engineer

2 декабря 2019    46

You must:
— Pay attention to details
— Be Humble and Be Willing To Learn
— Desire to Accomplish results
— Be Willing to Work and Communicate with People
— Be Willing to Take Personal Responsibility for Your Actions
— Speak, Read and Write good English

Experience in Software Testing
Experience in Business of various kind
Knowledge of various CRM and ERP systems

— You will have complete freedom with how you run your operation and how you structure your day. There is no set schedule — but do expect the work to be challenging and tough — and you will be held accountable for your results.
— You will get to learn many different new technologies (e.g. Zoho, Vonage, etc.) and see them applied in real businesses.
— You will get to work with unusual businesses and contribute to growing many remarkable and successful companies.
— You will work in a fast paced and self-responsible environment — we are mature adults and don’t have a “kindergarten”-like environment in our operation.
— You will be rewarded heavily for your results and accomplishments in the team.

— You will be responsible for ensuring that the software solutions produced by our IT Team work flawlessly and are plausible for the business using them.
— You will be required to verify that the solutions produced have no bugs, match the documented business processes and properly apply their designs — and carefully investigate and document any instances when it is not the case.
— You will work with Software Developers and a Deliver Manager within your team — along with the Creative Designers and Business Analysts — to accomplish your goal.
— To prove that you care and pay attention to the things you read, kindly insert the value of the sum of twenty eight and thirty one in your cover letter using digits.

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