QA Engineer

8 октября 2019    42


Grupo Clariter Lda is looking for motivated professionals to develop with us a new vision of Quality and User Experience centered on the Customer 
For this, besides multipurpose skillset, aptitude for change and motivation for  challenges, we want to find who  wants to work with us  in the improvement of applications and portals of our customers, which in turn will be used by its final customers. 

Main requirements

  • Experience in functions of Quality Assurance/Test Management/Test Analysis of over 2 years 
  •   Can define, monitor and adapt in continuity test strategies, test plans, and test lists according to the products assigned
  • Learn how to analyze, verify and audit Requirements Specifications and Solution Proposals regarding testability 
  •  Coordinate and execute test activities together with development teams, as well as with other teams involved 
  •  Define,  implement  and improve  test methodologies, tools and processes in continuity 
  •  Support product development at all levels in what concerns product quality 
  • Define, implement, document, maintain, and run test cases based on requirements specifications and support cases   Define and create data sets for testing
  • Monitor, track and report activity results and progress
  • Identify, analyze, describe, prioritize, evaluate and monitor support cases
  • Focus on automation and experience in tools and frameworks that implement it
  • Manage projects internally with all those involved in quality control processes, improving tools, processes and methodologies used
  • Comfort with environments and methodologies Agile/DevOps

Nice to have

  • Proactive spirit and autonomous mentality


  • Remote work
  • co-working office
  • flexible schedules

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