Python/Django Middle-Senior Backend Developer

14 марта 2020    166

— Good working knowledge and experience with Python and Django and DRF;
— TDD mindset;
— Backend — Python/Django, Celery, Redis, Rabbit MQ
— Authentication — JWT, 2FA
— REST API — Django REST framework
— Database — Postgres SQL
— Blockchain — Infura, geth, bitcoin core, Hyperledger
— Security practice
— Deployment — GitFlow, Docker, CI/CD, Bitbucket
— Wiki pages with API documentation and knowledge base
— Upper intermediate English
— Software engineering background including strong skills in testing, source control, documentation, refactoring, and troubleshooting;
— Ability to work in a team that values high collaboration and transparency;

— System design and solutions architecture;
— programming skills with blockchain and decentralized architectures;
— experience with JavaScript and Truffle framework;
— prior contributions to Ethereum or other blockchain solutions is a strong advantage;
— Inspiration about freelance and remote work

Working in the remote / distributed team
— Additional work and earnings to your current occupation from 20 to 40hrs/week
— Challengeable tasks that require creativity and learning
— Hourly rate in the range $20-$25/hr

— Feature development by implementing API endpoints and business logic
— Implement integrations of our backends (Python/Django) with the blockchain (Ethereum)
— Test coverage for the existing code (we have some tech debt)
— Help implement and maintain our blockchain infrastructure;

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