Project Manager / Remote

23 августа 2019    92

— highly-motivated and enthusiastic;
— possessing highly developed communicative skills;
— friendly disposition towards people, exraimportant to be able to interact with people of different age,
mentality and social status, always calm, in a professional and courteous manner!
— free command of English language, both written and spoken;
— flexible, dynamic and easily adapting to fast changing company’s needs;

— project management experience in IT or similar industry;
— recruiting and HR experience and skills;
— IT knowledge background, completion of programming languages course;
— Scrum master course completion and/or knowledge of Scrum;
— creativity and ability to suggest business ideas and plans if needed.

Your working hours might start from part time with a perspective of becoming fulltime in a short time period with the natural growth and speed of business processes.
The working hours are flexible but close to regular office hours, subject for discussion. Individual schedule might be possible too.

This job is fully remote and flexible so being self-organized and -disciplined is very important!

Our Project Manager should be absolutely universal and positive about any task within her/his scope of responsibilities: managing our ongoing projects, multitasking, easily switching from various administrative tasks into e.g. lead generation, market research, recruiting new personnel if needed, suggesting own ideas and giving his/her feedback on business processes etc.

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