Project Manager in CG area

4 июня 2019    42

1) Expertise in Project Management
2) Understanding of CG technologies, concepts and terms.
3) Must be able to work alone and collaboratively, often with multiple tasks and under deadline pressure, and with people from different artistic and technical disciplines
4) Strong problem solving skills with high attention to detail, balancing quick turnaround with long-term quality
5) Experience with film, games, or other graphics production experience
6) Good written and verbal communication skills are required.
7) Organized, responsible attitude to work.
8) Desire for self-development.
9) Upper intermediate or higher English level.

1) Relevant experience or experience in live video production;
2) Understanding of video marketing basics;
3) Soft: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects.

1) Remote part-time fixed price job upon agreement for 3–6 months with a perspective of full-time job in Lviv afterwards.
2) Salary tied to U.S. dollars rate.
3) Young, friendly and professional team.

The main motto: right project, done right, managed right. The main responsibility — successful accomplishment of a project.

1) Run a few projects simultaneously
2) Keep all the PM systems at the studio up to date.
3) Facilitate all team members
4) Work with the client closely and understand their needs. Make sure the project is exactly what they need.

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