Product Manager

21 сентября 2021    50
Kannact is looking for a Product Manager to join our distributed team. You will be the only product manager currently at Kannact and will be a hands-on project manager for multiple product and service teams as well. You will be fully responsible for designing and implementing the practices and structures that bring together the work from our engineering, data, design, health coaching, and medical teams to improve the health outcomes of our participants. You will also work directly with the COO to ideate and decide on the roadmap of our products and services and measure the company’s success in achieving those roadmaps. 

Note that our product is both software and service, technology and human, and you will be in charge of both. You should be a master at bringing order to chaos, at seeing how to apply structure where there currently is none, and comfortable working in a fast-moving environment. 

A strong candidate would: 

  1. Have product management experience in a startup environment in which the product needs to evolve quickly and respond to customer needs during growth. 
  2. Have project management experience with software and technology products and experience with Agile or Agile-like methodologies. 
  3. Have experience within a service company or organization, preferably delivering a healthcare or healthcare-related service.
  4. Have success wielding digital management platforms to organize remote teams and track progress (i.e. Basecamp, Asana, Airtable, Teams, etc.).
  5. Love thinking about the user experience and know how to prioritize tasks to measurably improve the product. 

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