Producer’s Lead

27 ноября 2018    36

3+ years of Scrum Master experience (certifications are optional, but must provide
testimonials/references from former clients/colleagues)
● English: upper intermediate or stronger
● Positive thinking and proven track record of performance in environments of high
uncertainty. High tolerance for ambiguity.
● Low power distance and ability to quickly identify, escalate and get resolved problems
with management and colleagues.

Must be able to work from home and from office
● Must be able to talk on the phone for extended periods of time
● Must be available during normal working hours (9 AM — 5 PM EST)

● Salary and commission based on experience

Job Functions:
● People (your team)
o Manages producers workload and keeps Resource Guru up to date
o Training the Producers team in
▪ Agile/Scrum (function as Agile Coach)
▪ S&F-specific processes, such as reporting, risk management, meetings
organization, follow-ups, etc.
o Facilitate producers individual development
▪ Set professional growth goals, coach in reaching them
▪ Ensure proper financial incentives are in place and are distributed fairly
to producer team.
▪ Ensure personal/professional life/goals are reconciled.
o Review time logs and address errors.
o Conduct 1:1 meetings with each one of your team members once every 2
● Projects — potential individual involvement
o May need to personally manage high priority projects
o May choose to manage specific projects to fill in resourcing gaps
o Write meeting notes, follow ups, questions, create client reports
o CRUD tickets in issue tracker
o Prepare billing once or twice per month
o Manage risks using Risk Mitigation template
o Prepares documentation
▪ MSA for any client once
▪ Estimates using template
▪ SOW for any scope of sprint/round/project
▪ Responsible for CRUD of requirements living docs
o Educate/train clients in Agile/Scrum
● Organization/Scrum
o Facilitating advanced Agile/Scrum adaptation across the entire S&F
▪ Coach everyone in Agile who needs that.
▪ Identify Agile adaptation opportunities across the organization and work
to implement them.
o Work with S2 (top management) team
▪ Reports to Delivery Lead
▪ Develop monthly and weekly plans for your group
▪ Attend S2 daily scrum and report on Producers group progress on a
weekly/monthly basis.
o Clearing obstacles for Producers and coach them how to clear obstacles for
their delivery teams
o Establishing an environment where the Producer team can be effective
o Addressing team dynamics and coaching how to do that on their projects
o Coaching the team in ensuring a good relationship between them and PLs as
well as others outside the team
o Protecting the team from outside interruptions and distractions and coach how
to do that on their projects
o Help PLs with work planning

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